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Piano For Beginners

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Piano for Beginners take you through every step of learning to play the piano, introducing you to the keys and the pedals, and helping you get to grips with musical theory. Step-by-step guides will help you understand chords and provide you with everything you need to read music. This will unlock the door to a world of potential, as we show you how to play different styles of music – from pop and rock to blues and jazz.

Learn to play piano

Learn to play one of the world’s most popular musical instruments. This bookazine contains easy-to-follow tutorials guiding you from the moment you sit down at the piano, setting you on the road to musical mastery. Learn chords, scales, and fundamental techniques from scratch – and listen along with the Piano for Beginners audio files to help perfect your skills.

Making the decision to learn a new instrument can be a whim or a long-standing ambition. Either way, picking up an instrument for the first time is a daunting feeling as the scale of the task sinks in. This is particularly true if you have never learnt to play an instrument before, with all those technical terms, scales and notation marks to decipher before you have even played a single note.

This new revised edition of Piano for Beginners is therefore an essential guide for piano and keyboard first-timers. Simplifying the process through step-by-step tutorials, this bookazine will help you lay solid foundations for years of enjoyment. From the correct way to sit at the piano to reading notation, we start with the basics before expanding your musical horizons with easy home recording and genre-specific tutorials. With a glossary of essential terminology, a list of chords and even access to free online resources such as sheet music and audio files, Piano for Beginners really is your go-to guide as you get acclimatized to the musical landscape and hone your piano playing skills.

Piano for Beginners - Learn to play the piano

Piano for Beginners – Learn to play the piano

Everything you need to know to start playing the piano

  • Learn to read music
  • Learn chords & scales
  • Choose the perfect piano

Guiding your every step on the way and providing you with everything you need to start learning the piano – all you need to know and all in one place

  • The ultimate guide to the piano
  • How to sit correctly at the piano
  • Learn the white keys
  • Understand the natural keys on your piano
  • Learn the black keys
  • Get acquainted with the world of flats and sharps
  • Understanding theory

What is musical notation?

The symbols that affect the way we play a piece

  • Introducing the staves
  • The-five horizontal lines that enable us to read music
  • Notes and their values
  • Some of the different types of notes you’ll find

How to read musical notation

  • Learn what notes go where
  • Interpret key signatures
  • Learn about ledger lines
  • Get to grips with these essential parts of notation
  • Change note lengths
  • Learn how the duration of notes can be modified
  • Alter a note’s pitch with accidentals
  • Learn what these quirky symbols mean
  • Advance your playing style
  • Understand time signatures
  • Explaining beats and bars
  • Navigate music notation
  • Time to get score savvy and stay on track

Notes and keys

Throughout this book, you will see top-down images of a keyboard with the keys highlighted. The darker highlights show the keys played in the image, while the lighter highlights show the keys that need to be played in the step

  • Control the volume with dynamics
  • Inject more personality into your music
  • Set and change the tempo
  • Playing two notes at the same time

Understanding chords

How to construct and play common chords
Using inversions

Add articulations to notes
Play notes with character and style
Use musical ornaments
Learn about these extra decorations

Playing the piano

Warm up your hands
Limber up before you practice
Introducing musical scales
Understand how scales are formed

Achieve a different take on chords
Major chords
An essential tool for budding pianists
Minor chords
The mood-swingers of your chord repertoire
Suspended chords
Shake things up and add some variation
Augmented chords
Add a bit of spice to your chords
Diminished chords

How to use them properly
The C major scale
A great first step for beginners
The F major scale
A scale that contains a black key
The G major scale
The major scale that has one sharp
The D major scale
Discover the scale with two sharps
The A minor scales
The scale with three formats
D minor scales
A minor scale with a fl
Dominant seventh chords

Introducing four-note chords
Major seventh chords
A warm, jazzy-sounding chord type
Minor seventh chords
How to transform a plain minor triad
Use chord progressions
The fi step towards writing a song

Left-hand patterns
Use your left hand to support a melody
Learn arpeggios
Break up chords to make your music fl

Play in the style of
We outline the various musical genres and sounds that can be achieved on your piano

Pleasant progressions and simple melodies

Abroad genre with a few defining characteristics

A passionate and diverse genre

The Classical period
Rich, obvious melodies and simple patterns

The Romantic period
Expressing freedom and creativity

Get to grips with recording
Start recording your very first masterpiece
Contemporary piano music
Fusing classical and pop

Play through a computer

Musical terms explained
Essential scales
All the scales you need to know
Chords list
All the chords that matter

Free download:

Notice: free download for educational purposes only. Not for commercial use.

For commercial use, buy Piano for Beginners Paperback on Amazon

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