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42 Famous Classics for Easy Piano

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42 of the most famous classics arranged for simplified piano. These enchanting melodies supply students of the first and second levels of study with an introduction to the world’s finest music. 65 pages.
Publisher: Alfred Music

Caro mio ben Composed by Giuseppe Giordani
Di Provenza Composed by Giuseppe Verdi
Dolores Composed by Emile Waldteufel
Egyptian Dance Composed by Saint-Sa‘ns
Etude Theme Composed by Frederic Chopin
Haba–era Composed by Georges Bizet
Joy To The World Composed by George Frideric Handel
Lullaby Composed by Johannes Brahms
Minuet Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Minuetto Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Musetta’s Waltz Composed by Giacomo Puccini
My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice Composed by Saint-Sa‘ns
Ninth Symphony Theme Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Non Pi Andrai Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Opening Theme from the Piano Concerto Composed by Robert Schumann
Polovetzian Dance Composed by Alexander Borodin
Prelude Op. 28, No. 20, Composed by Frederic Chopin
Rondalla Aragonesa Composed by Enrique Granados
Sixth Symphony Theme Composed by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Skater’s Waltz Composed by Emile Waldteufel
Sonata Theme K. 331, Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Southern Roses Theme Composed by Strauss
Spring Song Composed by Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn
Surprise Symphony Theme Composed by Franz Joseph Haydn
The Blue Danube Composed by Strauss
Theme from “Martha” Composed by Friedrich Von Flotow
Theme from Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 Composed by Franz Liszt
Theme from the New World Symphony Composed by Dvor‡k
TO a Wild Rose Composed by Edward MacDowell
Treasure Waltz Composed by Strauss
Unfinished Symphony Theme Composed by Franz Schubert
Wedding March Composed by Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn
Wooden Shoe Dance Composed by Engelbert Humperdinck
Young Prince and Princess Composed by Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov
Theme from Bells of Kamenoi-Ostrow Composed by Anton Rubenstein
Clair De Lune Composed by Claude Debussy
First Ballade Theme Op. 23, Composed by Frederic Chopin
Op. 23
Finlandia Composed by Jean Sibelius
Piano Concerto Theme Composed by Edvard Grieg

I adore this book and use it often in my teaching. I have used it for children as young as 7 and for adults. I use it as an additional book to the core curriculum and it gives a quick fun look into some of the most familiar of the classics. I also teach about the composers as we go. A student needs to have studied for about a year but then if you work slowly they can learn these pieces. The fingering is often tricky but can be learned with a bit of patience.

The arrangement for some of these songs are more difficult than you would expect in an easy piano book.

Just a fun relaxing level of music to remind me of many I learned when a younger student playing more advanced levels.

This isn’t for beginners but for those with a year or two of piano. The arrangements are easy and of excellent quality. I bought one for my grandson and liked it so much I’m buying one for myself.

I really love this book. My piano skills are very basic, but this book allows me to play songs that sound lovely to the ear and enjoy practicing. Many “easy piano” books are still pretty intermediate level and too hard for me. This one is actually easy enough for someone very early in their training to use but with pretty classical sounding melodies instead of the “row your boat” type songs the kids books have. Love it and wish this author would do more books like it – or better yet some pop songs for when I don’t want classical.

Lots of quick fun. Wish the selections were longer however but a nice “taste” nevertheless.

Great book with easy to play classics. My husband is a noobie to piano and could pluck out the first one “minuet”. Claire De Lune was beautiful and dumbed down enough that I could play it 🙂

My husband has bought me a piano as I had an electric one but wanted a real upright piano. I have taught myself to read music and am teaching myself to play as I only mainly like classical music am very pleased with the. Music c books

I’m an adult who started piano lessons, when not even knowing how to read music. I was able to get to level 4 of Alfred’s Piano books, before I was satisfied with where I was, and stopped taking lessons. When trying to find books on my own, to play, I was over-whelmed, but the good reviews of this book caught my eye, and I ordered it. The music is arranged simply enough for me to sight read, yet it sounds lovely. I enjoy playing from this book, because it doesn’t cause frustration, or require playing any of the songs 50 times to get it right. If grading it by levels of Alfred’s lesson books, I’d say these are level 3 maybe?

Download 42 Famous Classics for Easy Piano, 65 pages, PDF, 11 MB from:

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42 Famous Classics for Easy Piano

  1. March 12, 2020


    Hi.. I am trying to download 42 famous classics but it will not let me
    it won’t let me.. pls help

  2. March 18, 2020

    I'm a piano teacher

    I use this book with my beginning piano students and I am very happy with it! I only wish it had existed when I was a student! Yes, it’s a “fakebook” in that the songs aren’t the original compositions and have often been transposed into a less challenging key. But as an introduction to classical music, this book is wonderful for helping them learn the typical structure, tone, and sound of each composer. It also gives them pieces they can be proud to play for friends and relatives who want to know how their piano lessons are coming along. Most people will recognize at least a few of the songs in this book, which can help beginning students gain confidence as they show off their ability to play a famous classical piece.

  3. March 18, 2020

    Kelly Preston

    As a very easy book for beginners who are interested in classical piano training, this is a great learning tool. I even occasionally play from it just for fun; the arrangements are well done and quite true to the originals. Highly recommended.

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