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Jamey Aebersold – How To Play And Improvise Jazz

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Jamey Aebersold – How To Play And Improvise Jazz (Sheet Music & MP3)

Easy to understand and inspiring for all musicians wishing to explore the secrets of jazz improvise. CD includes blues in Bb and F, four Dorian minor tracks, four-measure cadences, cycle of dominants, 24-measure song, II/V7 in all keys. Sheet Music Book in PDF format includes transposed parts for all instruments. The CD includes Jamey playing exercises from the book.

How To Play And Improvise Jazz

How To Play And Improvise Jazz

Developing Creativity
Improvise Fundamentals
12 Blues Scales
Bebop Scales
Pentatonic Scales
Time and Feel
Melodic Development
Related Scales and Modes
Practical Exercises
Patterns and Licks
Dominant 7th Tree of Scale Choices
Scale Syllabus

MP3 list:
01. Tuning Notes [Bb and A Concert]
02. F Minor, E Flat Minor, D Minor [8 Bars Each]
03. F Minor, E Flat Minor, D Minor [4 Bars Each]
04. Random Minor Chords [8 Bars Each]
05. Random Minor Chords [4 Bars Each]
06. Four Measure Cadences [ll/V7/l]
07. Blues in Key of B Flat Concert
08. Blues in Key of F Concert
09. Cycle of Dominant 7th’s [4 Bars Each]
10. 24-measure song
11. Minor to Dominant Progression [12 Keys]
12. Verbal Instructions
13. CD Track #2 w/Examples 1-4
14. CD Track #2 w/Examples 5-8
15. CD Track #2 w/Examples 9-12
16. CD Track #2 w/Examples 13-16
17. CD Track #2 w/Examples 17-20
18. CD Track #2 w/Soloing
19. CD Track #2 w/Soloing
20. CD Track #7 w/8 exercises on page 26 [Bb Blues w/8 exorcise]
21. CD Track #7 With Soling [Bb Blues w/8 exorcise]

Free download:
Download How To Play And Improvise Jazz Sheet Music & MP3

Free download for educational purposes only. Not for commercial use.
For commercial use, buy Jamey Aebersold – How To Play And Improvise Jazz on Amazon

Buyers Quotes
I had read the previous version of this book over a decade ago, and this book is a huge step forward. If I had had this version back then, I probably would’ve been much better at jazz improv today. The only downside of this book is the information architecture (e.g. page layout); it’s a bit arcane, but it’s charming I guess, like that disorganized folder of important papers your music teacher might have given you when you were starting out. Content-wise, this book is filled with jazz improv gems. A must-have.

One good improvise book is worth years of learning and this is one. You dive into the new references required for jazz with a proper emphasis on playing as the result of understanding. “How to Play and Improvise” imparts that understanding concisely, without the excursions into side topics that detract from my other favorite jazz improvise book. As I enter my third quarter of saxophone classes I expect that this book, which was recommended by my instructor, will take me from being a competent player to being a competent improvisor.

An outstanding guide and resource for anyone interested in beginning to understand the art and craft of musical improvisation. In this first volume of his Play-Along Series, Jamey Aebersold covers the basics in a systematic and creative way — the way these basics should be covered! There is much to learn and do in this volume. If you want to expand your musical horizons, technical proficiency, and creativity while having fun along the way, get this book with its accompanying CD’s and use them.

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