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Adele 21 songbook

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Adele easy piano sheet music with vocal melody, lyrics and guitar chords.

Adele’s sophomore CD 21 has enjoyed enormous critical acclaim, with reviewers lauding this British, multi-Grammy-winner’s vocal performance and introspective songwriting. The Hal Leonard songbook matches the CD, with easy piano arrangements of the smash hits.

This songbook contains:

  • Someone Like You
  • Lovesong
  • One and Only
  • Take It All
  • I’ll Be Waiting
  • Don’t You Remember
  • He Won’t Go
  • Rolling In The Deep
  • Rumour Has It
  • Set Fire To The Rain
  • Turning Tables
Adele 21 songbook. Easy piano sheet music

Adele 21 songbook. Easy piano sheet music

Download Adele 21 songbook for free from SheetMusic.ME

Free download for educational purposes only. Not for commercial use.

For commercial use, buy Adele 21 papeback on Amazon

Great songbook for Adele lovers!

My granddaughter is a beginning pianist, and she loved this! I also gave her the Adele CD. She spent so much time practicing the piano! This was truly motivational!

This piano music book containing most songs from Adele’s “21” album allows the beginning to intermediate piano student to play contemporary music from one of today’s best pop artists. Adele’s music is dynamic and this book is a worthy introduction to playing her music on the piano.

I love this album and “Rolling In The Deep” is my daughter’s first sing-along tune in the car (like many other kids caught on video). Now, she’s starting to take interest in playing the piano so I got this for her. She’s 3 but she’s got a basic grasp of the concept so she’s trying to play it and she’s slowly getting it.

I was looking for something different for my wife’s birthday and I came across this piano music book. She has played piano for years and loves Adele’s music. It was a great gift and my wife loved it.

I got this in the mail yesterday and was so excited to open it up and play my favorite Adele songs, BUT unfortunately for me it was actually the easy version. Let me tell you one thing- I HATE the easy version of these songs! I tried them out and 1)they don’t sound professional at all, 2)way too easy, maybe something for a beginning pianist, and 3)nobody likes to hear a dumbed down version of a song. It’s way cooler if you can play the real thing.

So I’m upset because this wasn’t the song book I was looking for, but it did ship super fast. I give them kudos for that. And now I have to find the real song book.

I walked in the house yesterday, and heard a very recognizable “Rolling In The Deep” coming from the piano.
She loves this book. When they say “Easy Piano”, they mean it. This isn’t “chopsticks” – it’s a lot more musically complicated than that, but is appropriate for early-stage piano players with some training.
She’s no Mozart. She likes to play, and has a knack for it, but that’s all.
She recommends this book highly because it lets her feel good about playing something on the piano that is contemporary and recognizable as the same music as we listen to on the radio

Just got my music today, opened up excitedly to play and sing my favorite singer, and THE MELODY LINE IS IN THE ACCOMPANIMENT!!!!! I’m so upset. I had ordered “Someone Like You” online individually and it was perfect, so I ordered the entire book when it became available in the US assuming it’d be the same thing. No. It isn’t. It may have the “look inside” option, but I ordered it from my phone and that option isn’t available. I hope the return process isn’t arduous, because I want the real deal, not some dumbed down version. I don’t even understand why these versions exist. If someone wanted to play the melody line with the left hand, all they have to do is look up one line to the vocal line. I mean seriously, why am I paying for something that has a repeated line for 90% of the entire thing?!?

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