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Oscar Peterson Jazz Exercises and Pieces sheet music

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Oscar Peterson 13 Jazz Exercises and Pieces for Young Pianists

Oscar Peterson 13 Jazz Exercises and Pieces, Page 1st from 25

Oscar Peterson 13 Jazz Exercises and Pieces, Page 1st from 25

Download Oscar Peterson 13 Jazz Exercises and Pieces sheet music, PDF, 25 pages

Quoted Post: Originally Posted by Lukas Somewhere

I have one of his exercise books. It mostly works on right hand licks while almost neglecting the left hand. I thought this was odd considering he plays equally as fast with both hands. I’ll have to let you know in a few days what book it is I have, as I’m not home at the time. It didn’t help me too much…
These exercises are written for children, as well as etudes Czerny-Germer, so it would be strange to see the same passages in each hand – this is the highest aerobatics, how was the author himself!

Answer by OP.Player
Exercises of Oscar Peterson are essentially a hybrid between the phrasing of bebop and blues in the right hand and the overall shape of Czerny etudes – it even looks identical. I am willing to use them with students in the initial stages of learning jazz, not the instrument.

Firstly there is no much of the fingerings for a child’s hands, and find it for jazz phrasing is very difficult – this is the first thing I do in class.
Secondly there are no precise designation of jazz articulation,that easily turns etude Peterson into etude Czerny with the rhythm of the Viennese polka. Generally requires a sensitive teacher…

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