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Hebrew songs for the Young Pianist

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Hebrew songs for the Young Pianist by Eric Steiner

Text edited by Peretz Halpern Rabbi, Nassau Hebrew Congregation, Rockville Center, N. Y.

This book offers an opportunity to the young pianist to play some of the very beautiful traditional Hebrew melodies in rather simple, yet well-sounding arrangements.

The book contains a few of the prayers of the Old Testament, as sung on Sabbath and other Holidays, and also some of the most popular folk songs and dances of Israel.

Teachers will find this book to be useful supplementary material for students in the second and third grade; more advanced students may advantageously use it for sightreading.

The English descriptions are not literal translations of the Hebrew text; they are meant to convey the meaning and significance of each song in brief words, which may help not only toward better understanding, but also toward more appropriate musical interpretation.


First book:
Adir Hu (Traditional for Pesach)
Adon Olam
Artsa Alinu (Folk Song of Israel)
Bahar Bagai (Scout Song of Israel)
B’mach-rash-ti (Folk Melody for Succoth)
Chag Purim (Folk Song)
Eliyahu Hanavi (Folk Song)
Eyn Keloheynu
Chanukoh, Oy Chanukoh (Folk Song)
Hava Nagula (Chasidic Folk Dance)
Hine Ma Tov (Chasidic Folk Song)
Ki Mi-tsi-yon
Ma-oz Tsur
Mi Chamocha
Naaleh L’artsenu (Folk Song of Israel)
Sh’ma Yis-ra-el
Yimloch Adonai
Yisrael V’oraita (Chasidic Folk Song)

Second book:
Am Yisrael chai – Israel Lives forever (Patriotic Song)
Anu banu artza (Pioneer Song)
Atze zetim omdim (Sonf for Hamisha Asar Bish’vat)
Avinu malkenu (Prayer for High Holidays and Tisha B’Av)
Baruch elohenu
Chad gadya (Song for Seder)
Echad mi yodea (Yemenite Seder Song)
Gilu ha-galilim (Folk Dance of Israel)
Hevenu shalom alechem (Greeting Song for Sabbath)
Hinn’ni Muchan Um’zuman
Molad’ti (Folk Song of Israel)
Shalom chaverim (Farewell Song, to be sung as a Round)
V’taher libenu
Yismach Moshe

Free download for educational purposes only. Not for commercial use!

Download First Book:
Hebrew songs for the Young Pianist by Eric Steiner First Book

Download Second Book:
Hebrew songs for the Young Pianist by Eric Steiner Second Book

Or buy the books here:

Buy Hebrew Songs for the Young Pianist Paperback on Amazon

Some of songs you find here too:

18 Chanukah Songs for the Young Pianist

18 Chanukah Songs for the Young Pianist
18 Chanukah Songs for the Young Pianist
Composed by Various. Transcontinental Music Folios. Jewish. Transcontinental Music #991075. Published by Transcontinental Music (HL.191002).

  • Oy Chanuke (Oh Chanukah)
  • Banu Choshech Legaresh (We Came to Chase Away the Darkness)
  • S’vivon Sov (Dreydel, Turn)
  • O, Ir Kleine Lichtelech (Oh, You Little Candles)
  • Maoz Tzur (Rock Of Ages)
  • Simu Shemen (Put Up The Oil)
  • Yeladim V’Neirot (Children and Candles)
  • Haneirot Halalu (We Light Those Candles)
  • Lichvod Chanukah (To the Honor of Chanukah)
  • Chanukah (Chanukah)
  • Boruch Ato (Blessed Art Thou)
  • Mi Ze Hidlik (Who Lit the Candles?)
  • Dreydel (The Top)
  • Neir Li (A Candle For Me)
  • Mi Yemaleil (Who Will Remember?)
  • Sov, Sov S’vivon (Dreydel, Spin!)
  • Kemach Min Hasak (Flour from the Sack)
  • Acht Kleine Brider (Eight Small Brothers)

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