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Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone from The Professional

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Sheet Music for piano “Chi Mai” from The Professional (Jean Paul Belmondo)

“Chi Mai” by Ennio Morricone written in 1971. This sound track was used in the film Le Professionnel in 1981.

“Chi Mai” is famous in France for being used for a Royal Canin’s 1980s commercial, to the point that it is more closely associated with the commercial than with its other appearances.

Good old movie. Music and Belmondo top reasons to review this movie. The hero attempts to take revenge on the system, which it has used and threw away. He almost succeeds in his plan.

Yes, such movies are timeless! Reviewed this movie sometimes, and each time is like it. Be sure to show it to your kids! Highly recommend it to the younger generation. The film really filmed brilliantly. Final — no words…

This is a dramatic story about the intelligence officer that is capable of performing any task, no matter what, when betrayed almost everything. The film is full of philosophy and deep mental strain that Miss through itself. You need to watch such movies from start to finish on anything without being distracted. Turn off everything! Phones, kettle, dishwasher machine… all the things that could distract enjoy a terrific film! And Ennio Morricone’s music is something!

Music-music, all noted, the plot-normal, hero-is impressive. But in fact the film hero. And this is the most valuable quality, saying medical language, not always compatible with life. So here’s a movie that isn’t always worth it “combine”. Otherwise cease to be human and prevratiš′sâ in it is not clear what.

Now cause tenderness fights-dancing and ridiculous fake blood. But why I still to last minutes, as a child, in the last hope Beaumont reaches the helicopter? And the music is always run on the Morricone back crawl …) old film looks a bit naive, but still watch again-nice!

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