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«Where the Wild Things Are» Sheet Music

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«Where the Wild Things Are» Sheet Music for Piano, Vocal with Guitar Chords.

When the producers of Where the Wild Things Are recruited the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O, the vocalist of the indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to compose tunes for the soundtrack, she called upon a bevy of indie rock musicians to help her. The aural accompaniment perfectly captures the spirit of Maurice Sendak’s classic kids’ tale. This piano/vocal/chords folio contains Karen O’s wonderful music and also includes eight panels of color photos from the film.

“All Is Love” was released as the soundtrack’s lead single and is featured in the credits of the film.

“All Is Love” written by Karen O and Nick Zinner for the 2009 film Where the Wild Things Are. The song was recorded by Karen O and the Kids, a group consisting of O, Zinner, and several other prominent indie rock musicians, and released as the lead single from the film’s soundtrack on August 25, 2009.[1] The name “All is Love” is a play on the name of the Swedish band Love is All, whose song “Make Out Fall Out” inspired Karen O.[2] The whimsical song contains shouting, whistling, and clapping and incorporates an untrained children’s choir.

Song list:
«Igloo» Composed by Karen O (Orzolek)
«All Is Love» Composed by Karen O (Orzolek); Nick Zinner
«Rumpus» Composed by Karen O (Orzolek); Nick Zinner; Tristan Bechet
«Hideaway» Composed by Karen O (Orzolek); Imaad Wasif
«Heads Up» Composed by Jack Lawrence; Karen O (Orzolek); Imaad Wasif; Dean Fertita; Bradford Cox; Tom Biller
«Lost Fur» Composed by Carter Burwell
«Worried Shoes» Composed by Daniel Johnston

Parents need to know that though the musicians who made the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack mostly perform adult music, the album is more than appropriate for young kids, offering simple lyrics, fun music, and even children’s own voices.

What’s the story?

Nearly fifty years after it was first published, the classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are has received a fresh interpretation on film by cutting-edge director Spike Jonze. Accompanying the Where the Wilds Things Are movie is an equally innovative soundtrack by a collection of indie musicians calling themselves Karen O (who also fronts the band, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and the Kids. Like the book, the soundtrack keeps the words to a minimum, including mostly instrumental tunes and, where they exist, basic and repetitive lyrics. The record also offers plenty of shouts, claps, whoops, and other fun kid noises made by kids themselves.

Is it any good?

The Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack is one of those rare children’s records that both parents and kids will find themselves wanting to hear over and over again. On lyrics-free songs like “Cliffs” and “Food Is Still Hot,” the exceptionally beautiful melodies are enough to hold attention without words. “Worried Shoes,” “Capsize,” and other tunes with lyrics are performed so artfully that the words quickly become burned in your brain. Chalk the wonderful creativity up to the outstanding musicians who collaborated on the CD, including members of The Bird and the Bee, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather.


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